Sand Dollar Show Series

No membership required

Approved helmets and appropriate footwear must be worn at all times when mounted

Negative Coggins required and must be presented prior to unloading

All show balances must be paid prior to registration for additional shows.

Judges Decision is final

No dogs please

All fees must be paid before horse shows or an open check must be on file to be closed out by the end of the show

Derby and Medal Classes must have three entrants to be eligible for prizes/prize money

Year end awards will not be presented to participants with outstanding balances

Damage/alterations to stalls could be assessed a $100 fee


$20 per class

$15 Pre-Registration

Medal & Derby classes $35

Grounds fees

$20 per horse whether showing or not

Office fees



$45 for 1 night 

$65 for 2 nights



Pre-Registration discount for entries received by midnight Thursday prior to the show

NSF fee $35

All fees are Per Day